TandoAllaYar NGOs

List of NGOs working in TandoAllaYar,Sindh

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Name and Website Active Since Postal Address Work Overview / Comments
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sindh educational cultural organization SECO-Sindh Education & Cultural Organization 2006 SECO OFFICE: First Floor Shakeel K-K Manzil, Opposite Y-K Memorial Hospital, Bukera Road TandoAllahyar, 7001
bandhar hari sangat Bhandar hari Sangat  
Banglow # 216/4,Ward B, Tando Allahyar
Ph #.0233863370
Field Offices:Mirpurkhas,Tando Allahyar,karachi
Bhs is focused on rights of laborers in Rural Sindh
rashid memorial welfare organization Amzi Home Orphanage Rashidabad 1998


Telephone: +92-213-4544666

Located Near Tando AllahYar. Housing capacity for 70 eldery persons and about 300 orphans.

Managed by Mustafa Benelovent trust at Rashidabad, within compound of Rashid memorial Welfare organization.


nari welfare pakistan NARi Welfare Association 2004 Zia Chowck Mir wah Naka Tando Allahyar,Sindh  

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